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About company:
One day in 2008, we had a superb idea to produce a penis prosthesis. Since we had had long-term experience in the art of silicone molding, we could expect extremely good results. We would like to share with people our artworks which are hand-made by our artists. Therefore, 2013 we have opened our online store. All our products are hand-made pieces of art and are made with love. This is a time-consuming process, which also requires great patience and scrupulous work, resulting in great joy when it is finished. “It is both art and science that are needed to create a human body part using artificial means”. Our penis prostheses are high-quality hand-made devices and each of them is unique like an individual person‘s penis. Soft, yet durable prostheses are produced from innovative materials which are specially patented to recreate the texture of human skin. Prostheses are dyed to the finest details and, thus, are extremely difficult to distinguish from the real penis. In our company, you can purchase already made prostheses or you can order them according to your individual needs, i.e. choose the size, color, with hair or without it. You can also choose the color of hair from a range of colors. Our penis prostheses are proportionate to the size of human penis and testicles. With our prostheses, the needs of the most fastidious customers can be satisfied. Prostheses are produced from high-quality materials commonly used in medicine. Silicone is odorless and resistant to water and to other physical conditions such as bending or stretching. Prostheses finely adapt to body form and temperature. Materials used for prostheses have been internationally certified and attested. These exceptional products made in our company will ensure your satisfaction and exclusive comfort for everyday use. Prostheses are specially designed in order to provide maximum comfort and incredible freedom of life.
Our Mission
Our company mission is to make the people, who are struggling with their appearance, happier and ensure they can lead full life! We always make sure that all the needs of our clients are met perfectly. We care about our clients and want to do everything we can to make them happy. We understand that it is still a delicate subject and we are very supportive and ready to help all the way. Our customer service is always ready to answer all of your questions and listen to your concerns, our artists work attentively with each ordered item ensuring the best quality. We ship items discretely, so our clients do not need to worry, that other people will see what is in the package. So with our help you can be happy, because you finally can be yourself!

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